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I sometimes have to keep myself from commenting on posts about Steve Rogers and how his life was back in the day. Because WOW some folks don’t know anything about history!

Where are the posts about Steve snarling about Hoovervilles? How are people not taking advantage of how one of the reasons for the Great Depression was people buying shit they couldn’t afford on credit so he kinda is shocked that system IS STILL AROUND??? HOW ARE THE BANKS ALLOWED TO STILL DO THIS???

Where are the fics of him taking shit apart late at night when he can’t sleep because of how more efficient stuff is now! But he still hates starching his shirts. Why are there no machines for THAT. And yes Clint, we did have home appliances like washers back then. There were a lot of failed appliances that are no longer used today.

Don’t have him fumble with smartphones and the internet when he would LOVE seeing communication made easier! He saw his troops try to contact their families and how that was next to impossible. He would be so damn happy people can skype family on the other side of the world!

Imagine him bringing home some rabbits or pigeons to eat for supper one day. What do mean people don’t raise livestock in their apartments anymore? Not everyone can live on a farm for fresh meat Tony.

Imagine him FREAKING THE FUCK out of how BIG chickens are in the meat section. Because they are three times the size of what they were when he was a kid. But they sure don’t taste the same. None of the meat is the same. I mean he probably rarely ate meat. Some of it is better because of regulations. IMAGINE Hawkeye trying to freak Steve out when they get hotdogs and they’re a lot better than he remembers. Clint mentions it’s because they don’t throw rats in the vats anymore.

Just imagine historically accurate Steve. Imagine. Imagine him making shit up to fuck with Tony and Clint.

Hello, keeperofthehens, I think you and I should be friends.

All of this, and especially this: Imagine. Imagine him making shit up to fuck with Tony and Clint.

Steve in my head has this total deadpan sarcasm that is delivered exactly the same way his normal talk is delivered and I was so happy when I saw the trailer for Cap 2 and he gave that line “All the guys in my barbershop quartet are dead” because HE KNOWS what everyone thinks and he just wants to fuck with them a bit after all he’s the one who’s going to put his (perfect) ass on the line for all these modern folk who don’t know how to make their own radios out of spare parts or do hospital corners on their bedsheets.

lol like i can totally see steve and clint in an all out game of who can punk who with the best made up shit

LOL Clint would totes make shit up about Carney life “Yeah we had to sleep in the elephant shit if we missed a shot” and about being poor because TONY DOES NOT KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE POOR EITHER REMEMBER. 

Tony is just… the BEST target for this crap. Natasha is just sitting back laughing her ass off (internally) but nodding sagely whenever they say anything.




well dude they kicked him in the head like 25 times while screaming “I’m gonna kill you, f****t” it seems pretty clear

I figured it was just what they were saying as an insult, not necessarily the kid was gay

Idk if the kid was actually gay or not but they’d targeted him in the past for that reason and they’d throw slurs at him as they passed by and stuff so if nothing else it’s clear they THOUGHT he was gay, and isn’t that still grounds as a hate crime?

u could do irish stepdancing but the jumping might jolt ur back idk

oh god dude I live in an extremely Irish and Polish area, so on like Paddy’s day and such they’ll have parades and the Irish dancers will come out and they look so silly with their fake curly wigs that all look exactly the same. Still, I respected their skill bc all that steppin’ looked tough as heck wow. But yeah!!! That is an option!!!

anaisforthewin replied to your post “[[MOR] Not that there’s any correlation between the two, but I’ve…”

Yeah but dude they’ve only just started. When I see a lot of higher-level pole fitness vids on Youtube and such, it requires a lot of bending. Maybe her fusion is tiny, or something, but I can barely cant my hips from side to side (and it feels so uncomfortable omg) (ow I just tried it and hurt myself OW)

So it’s extremely unlikely that I’ll actually be able to do that. I’ll still be able to do some kinds of dance, but nothing that requires body rolls, shaking hips, etc. 

So basically I’ll be able to do stiff formal dances like a 19th Century noblewoman. I will be the BEST anachronistic 19th Century noble.

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